Best Credit Repair Companies 2017

What is a Credit Repair Company? A Credit Repair Company is responsible for fixing your credit score and helps you in filing a case against unjust credit information.

So if you have a bad credit score and you have not been able to improve your score after months of trying then it is time you take up the services of a credit repair company.

But which credit repair company is good? Do You Need Credit Repair services?

We have listed down few of the best credit repair companies for the year 2017 which you can certainly contact to fix your score.

Lexington Law

One of the most sought out Credit Repair Company, this legal credit repair company has been providing services to the consumers since 24 years and is quite experienced and able in helping people with the repair of their bad credit scores and in helping them with disputing credit inaccuracies.

It helps its customers by making sure that the credit information is accurate and if there is any incorrect information, it disputes it on the behalf of their customers and are known to be effective in removing false information.

It also provides you with attorneys and paralegals who advocate on your behalf and you can always keep an eye on your case by using the Lexington Law app or website. This firm is perfect for those people who want to repair their credit issues and those who want access to different legal services.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Another popular credit repair and restoration company, this company doesn’t take any extra commission and works diligently to help you with your credit goals. This company is legalized by the State Attorney General’s office and their counselors are paid by salary. It provides its customers help with cleaning up the credit histories and helping them with how to improve their financial standing.

If you want a company to repair your credit score, erase incorrect information from the credit report or if you want an ongoing credit report monitoring services, then this credit repair company is the one for you.

The Credit People

A recently founded company, The Credit People focuses on helping its customers by improving their credit report and raising their credit scores. They have a variety of employees to help out the customers which include credit repair specialists, score analytics, support, etc.

This company helps its customers in not only removing an inaccurate information from the credit report but also forms a personal strategy to elevate the customers’ credit scores. It also provides its customers with various brochures and PDFs to make them more aware of the credit benefiting activities and is perfect for those people who want to boost their credit score while having multiple fee options.

This credit repair company is different from other companies as it not only focuses on improving your credit score but also helps you in making a long-term plan of how to maintain a good score. They not only remove the inaccurate information but also help in repairing your credit history.

The customer can always check the progress of the app or the website or through text alerts and this company provides with 24/7 support which allows customers to solve all kinds of the query with a simple call. It is perfect for those people who are worried about identity theft and are trying to remove faulty information from their credit report.

Ovation Credit Services

Another popular credit repair company, this one focuses on providing you with an effective result quicker than other companies. They provide legal and business expertise to help their customers in repairing their credit score and achieving an appropriate credit profile.

They offer you two types of services: Essentials Plan and Essentials Plus Plan. The first plan focuses on getting the inaccurate information removed by contacting the credit reporting agencies and keeping a check on the progress. The second plan is more vigorous and involves getting the inaccurate information removed by contacting the credit reporting agencies as well as by sending letters to the creditors. This company is known for its fast and effective methods and is perfect for those who want a reliable company to repair their credit scores.

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